Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Wednesday July 8

#1 Rainbow Cave
#2 A spectacular arch
#3 The pine tree...on the left, what appears to be a branch hanging in space is the root!
#4 Some of the caves - colors from the mineral deposits in the rocks
#5 Stripes caused by leaching out of minerals in the rocks
#6 The end of the cruise w/ "Miss Superior" in the background

Wednesday, July 8

Moving day again…sigh….gets to be involved…had to stop to dump as there was no sewer service here and then on the road for Munising. A pretty drive up and arrived around 1:30….once we got set up had a quick sandwich then made reservations for the 5 p.m. boat cruise to the area called "Pictured Rocks". The sun is finally shining today although it remains cool…highs today in the 60’s and windy still. Our place for the next 2-3 nights is Munising Tourist RV Park. There seem to be kind of a chain of those type of RV parks up here….same order as the East Jordan camp - water and electric. GREAT location as it is right on Lake Superior although we were not able to secure a lakefront site. We still have great views of the lake. Lots of tent campers here. The sites are huge, grassy and level.

Left for town about 3:45 to secure our tickets…stopped at DQ on the way in for a blizzard then Jerry walked the dogs while I got the tickets. It was a beautiful cruise….the rocks were gorgeous….lots of minerals in the rocks as there was a lot of iron ore and copper mining here so as the minerals leeched out of the rock, they left rust, greeen, gray and white stripes along the seeps. There were several waterfalls and some neat rock formations as well. Passed Miner’s Castle and then a mile long beach called Miner’s Beach….at one point there was a large white pine tree seemingly to grow right out of the rock….turns out there used to be an arch there, but the arch caved in and the roots of the tree which had grown along the arch are now hanging in space connected the tree to the mainland.

There was also Rainbow Cave…a depression with beautiful colorations all along the backside of the rock face. It was a wonderful cruise and lasted about 3 hours….supposedly this is voted the #1 cruise in Michigan and I can see why. It was cold, especially on the moving boat with the wind blowing, but I secured a seat in the back of the boat in a corner so I had great views although I could not hear the narration too well as it was noisy back there. Got some great pictures and it was a very enjoyable afternoon.

Back to RV about 8:30 and fixed a salad w/ smoked fish sausage in it and fresh asparagus for dinner. Salad was great w/ the fish sausage and of course the asparagus were wonderful also as they were still part of that bunch I got fresh at the farmer’s market. Just have a few left for tomorrow night. To bed late as Jerry tried to finish watching the movie we started last nite, but missed out again on the middle.

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