Thursday, July 16, 2009

Monday, July 13

#1 Cave Point County Park shoreline!
#2 Cave Point Rock formation.
#3 Taking the dogs for a dip at Whitefish Dunes State Park
#4 The staircase at Cana Island Lighthouse...a bit scary.
#5 Cana Island Lighthouse (not really an island anymore!)
#6 Eagle Tower - 75' tall (250' above the water)
#7 Us on top of the tower....
#8 Jerry and Jerry - who's the real dummy????

This is the day we are going to really hit some of the places Kalen recommended. Our first stop was Cave Point County Park and it was GORGEOUS! The water was so colorful and there are rocky bluffs here w/ caves. It was easy to get down to the water’s edge and it was very calm. We took the dogs and walked along the shore. It was a beautiful day w/ not a cloud in the sky and temps in the mid 70’s.

Next stop was next door at the Whitefish Dunes State Park. This park is noted for it’s beaches. There was a pet friendly beach so we took the dogs to that….however it was a pretty long hike to get there. But it was a nice trail through the woods behind the dunes and when we finally arrived the beach was nice. We sat enjoying the water and then waded out in a shallow spot with the dogs. The water was cold so from the knees down we were kind of blue. Even Kudzu was shivering when we got out (they went into the water with us)!

We drove back into Bailey’s Harbor for lunch at Weisgerber’s. Dick Weisgerber played football for the Green Bay Packers in the 1940’s and the restaurant/pub is dedicated to all things Packer! There are lots of old photographs on the walls of Green Bay teams from the 30’s and 40’s to the present. It was most interesting and a good lunch. Jerry had a burger and I had the perch sandwich…it was great!

We then walked across the street to Nelson’s - a hardware store on the lakefront…it was very cramped but had lots of merchandise of all sorts and was interesting to walk through.

Our next stop was the Cana Island Lighthouse. However we discovered that this lighthouse needs a name change b/c they have filled in between the lighthouse and the shore so you can walk out to it easily. It is a very picturesque lighthouse. Jerry stayed on the ground with the dogs while I decided to climb the tower to the lighthouse. 97 steps up and like the other lighthouses we have been in, the steps, landings and floor are steel fretwork (that means you can see through them all the way to the bottom which makes coming down a bit harrowing). The view from the top was fantastic and I enjoyed that very much. After I got down, I located Jerry and the dogs and we walked along the shore. It is hard to believe all the seashells on the beach…they were small, but at least a foot deep or more…

Our afternoon itinerary took us to Peninsula State Park where we climbed the tower for a bird’s eye view of Ephraim Harbor and the surrounding area. The 75’ tower was actually 250’ above Green Bay so the view was great. We coaxed a grandma up to the top (she did not do heights) to be with her family and she said that this was probably as close to heaven as she was going to get b/c the good die young and she has no death wish!! The family had brought their Christmas hats and they were going to take their Christmas picture from the tower. We thought that was a great idea!!

We drove the shore road around to Eagle Bluff Lighthouse and got there just after they closed, so we were unable to take the tour, but it was pretty walking around the grounds. Jerry was most tired so he stayed in the truck and took a power nap while I enjoyed the lighthouse. I do wish we could have gotten a tour but since I had just been in the Cana lighthouse it was OK.

When we were finished at the park we went into Fish Creek and went to "Not Licked Yet Frozen Custard".
We shared a butter pecan custard and it was delicious, but of course our all time favorite frozen custard is Ted Drewe’s in St. Louis. Then I went to Speilman’s toy shop and browsed, but nothing perfect for Ella.
Jerry had to go across the street to Nan and Jerry’s and have his picture taken with the dummy - appropriately named Jerry! (This was another of Kalen’s recommendations). After browsing around inside, we decided it was time to head back as we were both tired. It was a busy, but fun day. I think we both agreed that Cave Point was our favorite spot…it was so pretty!

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