Monday, July 20, 2009

Thursday, July 16

#1 Leinenkugel Brewery
#2 The brewhouse and other buildings
#3 Jerry walking across the aerial bridge
#4 Lighthouse at the end of the channel
#5 Freighter coming through and the roadbed on the bridge raised
#6 What to do with an old boat...Crabby Bill's fast food on the shores of the downtown area.

Before leaving this morning, we decided to take a tour of the Leinenkugel Brewery. It was a most interesting tour and not a huge brewery, in fact, still small enough so they mix some of their varieties by hand. It was statted in 1867 and is still family owned and run by 5th generation family. Tours start at Leinie Lodge where there is a gift shop as well as several displays. The 45 minute tour was most interesting. The brewery produces approximately a dozen varieties of beers, with several selections being seasonal brews. The same family member who is the huge Packer fan, is also a Leinie fan, so, David, (favorite and only son-in-law) the past two days have been in your honor!!! It was a good stop, and even I enjoyed the tasting part (I am not usually a beer fan). I especially like the Honey Weiss.

On the road again, heading for Duluth. Found a campground about 15 miles out of town (Ogston’s) and it was a nice enough place, but a bit far out. Once we got set up, we decided to drive back into town. Jerry has been here before at a meeting when he was working at Forestry Suppliers so he was a bit familiar with the waterfront area.

Driving into Duluth, you cross over the river via a HUGE bridge from Superior, Wisconsin. It was an overcast, threatening day, but it was a great view of Duluth which is built up on the hills. Lots and lots of grain elevators and both the towns are about shipping. When we got into town, we went to the maritime visitor’s center which is right down by the aerial lift bridge. There were some interesting exhibits, but even more exciting, the bridge was rising to let a tour boat through. We walked around and then across the bridge and out to the lighthouse on the other side. Walking back across, we noticed a freighter coming in the distance so we waited for it and watched it come through the channel. It was really neat.

After that we were hungry so we went into "Grandma’s" Pub and Grill right down on the riverfront. There was an upstairs w/ tables by the window so we could watch the activity around the channel. We split a chicken ceasar salad and a bowl of chicken wild rice soup that was delicious!! Then back to rv and tried again to watch the movie, "Fiddler On the Roof" - this was only the 3rd night we have tried to stay awake and watch it. I made it all the way through tonite, but Jerry still has yet to see it in its entirety. We did watch it on TV with Bud and Jean when we were still living in Hawaii. Needless to say, we have forgotten much of it.

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