Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sunday, July 12

#1 Sunset from Ellison Bluffs County Park
#2 Ice cream at Door County Ice Cream Factory

Another stow and go…moving on to Door County Wisconsin today. About a 200+ mile day. Located a campground in Bailey’s Harbor (Beantown) with full hookups, internet, and TV!!! Hooray!!! Grassy sites, a swimming pool, but not particularly scenic…our site is on an end and we look out on a cornfield right next to us. Across the street is a dairy farm so there is that farmland aroma at times as well.

A niece, Kalen Leimberg had given us a lot of information on the area here which we are most grateful for. She has spent a lot of time up here with her family through the years so she could tell us what to see and what to avoid. Taking her list, we headed out as soon as we got set up. It was mostly a driving, reconnoitering trip…drove over to Peninsula State Park and drove through there, then up to Sister Bay.

Stopped there for ice cream at the Door County Ice Cream Factory, a stop highly recommended by Kalen. It was great ice cream and a fun place!

We continued up to the end of the road at North Port where you can catch the ferry to go to Washington Island. We stopped at Ellison Bluff County Park and it seems to be a favorite spot to watch the sunset. One couple was on a blanket with a pizza and a bottle of wine. Several others were there as well and as we left more and more cars were coming in. We were on the way back home by sunset, but I can imagine it was beautiful over the water b/c the colors were really pretty from the road.

There seems to be one little village after another along both sides of the peninsula, all of them with the requisite number of tourist attractions and places to stay, things to do, etc. There are some really neat cottages, lots of art galleries and shops. Each town along the coast has a marina and many of them offer boat rentals, cruises, kayaking, etc. There are lots of islands on the western side and the water is gorgeous!

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