Monday, July 13, 2009

Sunday, July 5

#1 A stunt roll at the air show
#2 An antique tractor on display
#3 The Cherry products tents....tasting yummmmyyyy!!!
#4 The Trojan Horsemen Stunt Team
#5 Comforting Kudzu...although somewhat deaf, he heard the roar of the big jet and was scared!

The plan today was to go back into Traverse City for the National Cherry Festival….we decided to do that today as we hoped the crowds would not be as bad and we could still catch the air show. The plan was to go early and I guess we were out of here about 9 a.m. which seems to be early for us these days (maybe we are still on central time!). We got there a bit after 10 and while walking through the crafts show, ran into Al and Carol who acted as our tour guides on Thursday. It was good to see them. Jerry enjoyed looking at some of the antique tractors on display and we both looked at some of the classic and antique cars which was enjoyable. I loved the arts and crafts part, but did not get to spend a whole lot of time looking although there were a few things that really caught my eye.

We went on down to the waterfront section of the festival where all the food tents were and all the cherry products and tasting was going on. They do things with cherries that I would never believe…..soaps, soft drinks, salsa, mustards, jams, jellies, juice, spreads, salad dressing….and it was all good!!! I am bringing some stuff back that I plan to take to the beach when we go in August to share with the family there. John is a HUGE cherry fan and thinks that is a wonderful idea that we share this stuff when he is around.

There was an air show also that we stayed for and as always, the aerobatic pilots are amazing. The Coast Guard helicopters staged a water rescue (there is a big Coast Guard station here) to open the show, followed by the stunt pilots….the Trojan Horsemen - a 6 plane formation stunt team did several fly bys in formation and then some of them broke off and performed aerobatic maneuvers. There was a demonstration of an Air Force F 18 that did several amazing maneuvers as well. It was a very impressive air show.

After the air show, we headed back to the car with the dogs and headed back towards East Jordan…we stopped along the way at a local sports bar to share a burger and homemade onion rings. Back at camp, it was relaxing time…tomorrow the plan is to head north a bit across the bridge to St. Ignace and maybe to Mackinac Island for a bit….it was a beautiful sunset and as we had a late lunch at the bar and grill, I did not fix any dinner.

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