Monday, July 13, 2009

Friday, July 3

#1 The top of the bridge connecting lower Michigan with the Upper Peninsula
#2 Our campsite at East Jordan Tourist Park

Up about 7:30 and got coffee made and shower. Fixed a breakfast sandwich w/ the Grill Xpress and then we began to stow our stuff and get road ready….Left about 11:00 a.m. for East Jordan. We were a bit sad to leave this campground as we really liked it….it is owned and maintained for Airstream campers who have bought into the place and they do a good job of managing the campground. Al and Carol are member/owners. It was a nice drive along the shore and up the eastern side of Traverse Bay. We got checked in and set up and have a nice corner spot on the lakeside. I am looking out at the sunset as I write this at 9:25 p.m.

We just got back a few minutes ago after taking the rest of the afternoon and driving up to the Mackinaw City where we stopped and walked along the lakeshore, got a few pix of the lighthouse and then decided to head across the bridge to St. Ignace and check out campgrounds on that side. There is a nice campground with lots of spaces just after exiting the bridge so we may head there on Monday after we look at a few more maps and check some distances. We want to spend a few days in the Sault Ste. Marie area and will look at other options as well.

It was a nice drive through Petosky which has a great harbor and some BEAUTIFUL homes!! However, traffic was very bad and slow going…with the holiday weekend and all. We took the scenic route up there and it followed the lakeshore, but there are lots of homes along the lake and lots of trees, so we did not always have wonderful views. The road we were on at one point was called the "tunnel of trees" road and they were right. The bridge at Mackinaw City was quite impressive and the towers reminded me of the Golden Gate Bridge, although it is painted totally different colors.

On the way home we took the interstate as far as we could then cut across on a county road to get back to East Jordan

Dinner is smoked fish and cheese…neither one of us is very hungry b/c we downed most of a bag of caramel corn in the car over the course of the afternoon. The smoked fish is from Carlson’s so we know it is good!!!!

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